A Hundred and One Ways to Never Stop Loving You

Mudatthir Olayemi Adewale
4 min readNov 27, 2022


Photo by Kimi Albertson on Unsplash

From the very first moment I met you, I knew I want to spend the rest of my life with you. There is no other way I would want it; I want to find myself reveling in the thoughts of you and all that you are, at every minute I get. It did not only feel like I have known you my entire life but it also felt like I have had an interaction with you before; maybe in a past life, if that ever makes any sense, or maybe it was in a dream I had all in my subconscious. I just knew I had an epiphany and it dawned on me that I never want to spend the rest of my days in this sojourn without you. So, I will hold on to you tightly- intentionally- without confusion, doubt or a second thought. There will be no reason for you to second-guess what I feel for you, and how I feel about you.

I understand that love, like life itself, is complex with several nuances. So, it should be treated within the confines of such complexity. With ease, and tenderness; piece by piece, bit by bit until it all fits into something beautiful and meaningful. It only makes sense that I treat you in a rather progressive way; love you in an encompassing way while I unashamedly cherish you, protect you in a non-intimidating way, and respect you yet in a not embarrassing way. You may have met people before me who you thought were home but ended up being a temporary stop, I promise you that I will be not only your last stop but also your safe haven; where you can always walk into, anytime you feel all the uneasiness of this world, to feel unburdened, warmth and all the light that you need.

You may have had your heart broken a few times and may feel scared to try this all over again, feel insecure to trust anyone again. I promise you I understand exactly how you feel, and it is okay to feel that way. But I want you to know, you are still beautiful in your broken state; you are a beautiful mess. We will figure this out together, I will be gentle with you; with my words, in my actions and all that I do. Until you gradually open up, and will never have any reason for such closure anymore. I understand that on some days, you may feel not like it, while the insecurity creeps in, you may feel like you don’t deserve this, you may feel overwhelmed and might be scared that this will also end like the rest, leaving you even more broken. I will reiterate all I have said; will never relent to make you see the good with my actions. I will painstakingly walk you again through these processes and will be locked in with you till the world ceases to exist.

I am always smitten by your smile, it melts my heart every time I behold that sight. The sound of your laughter is like the best thing I have ever heard, it fills me with sweetness and all the good feelings of this world. Your beauty always leaves me in awe. And I will always tell you that you are the most beautiful lady I have ever met, not to flatter you but in sincerity because beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. And you, my darling, are one beauty I never seem to get enough of. I find happiness in your weirdness and the crazy things you do. I will make your interests mine, and I will laugh at your jokes even if they are dry, I will wipe tears off your eyes anytime it happens that you cry, I will stroke and sniff your hair like a child playing with his toy in delight. I will whisper into your ears and bite them out of romance. I will sing you songs, write you beautiful poetry for your eyes alone while I read them to you. And tell you stories to elate your mood anytime you feel the weight of the world yet crushing on you.

I am not saying I will be a perfect man, of course, it is impossible to be perfect as I am human but I will be my imperfect self in a seemingly perfect way; beautiful and alluring. Also, I am not saying that it will be all sweet, and rosy. But I will be unrelenting and never give up on us, and what we share as I do not want to have it another way or with anyone else except you. On the good days, I will be there. On those of the opposite when you heave a sigh, you will see just me within your sight in my ever-glancing smile; with my arms extended, ready to wrap around you, to give you warmth and keep you safe. Perhaps failure is a constant in this sojourn or maybe not but if I ever have to fail at anything it will never be in expressing my affections for you, and showing you in a hundred and one ways that I will never cease to love you. In this world, and in any other